The Telecommunications Laboratory, within the Division of Computer Science of NTUA, has a great experience in the areas of mobile telecommunications, computer networks, broadband communications, network management and conformance testing. The group consists of 13 members with Ph.D in the areas of communication and control and supervises postgraduate research work for more than 30 highly qualified graduate engineers from NTUA. The majority of these aims at obtaining the Ph.D degree. This group is entirely devoted to research activities and its members are highly qualified in their corresponding research fields.
The Telecommunications Laboratory members have extensive theoretical and computational experience in the fields of design of communication networks, OSI architecture, protocol verification and simulation, analysis and performance evaluation, distributed database design and management, ISDN, IBCN, LANs, WANs etc.
Since 1986 the Telecommunications Laboratory has been extensively involved in the RACE, ESPRIT and BRITE programs supported by the CEC and it has acquired significant expertise in the following areas: multi-media services, information servers and integrated platform architectures, object-oriented databases, methods and formalisms for the description of telecommunication/LAN systems and services, network management, non functional requirements (i.e. Quality of Service, Network Performance, Monitoring, Security, etc), object modeling, conformance testing of protocols and services, environments for industrial production of high-quality software, hardware protocol implementation and testing, interconnection systems design and integration, design and development of interfaces for heterogeneous system communication, models for high performance networking and system cooperation.